600+ Google Employees Stand Against Tech for Apartheid 

Over 600 Google employees have made headlines by signing a petition to retract its sponsorship from "Mind the Tech" conference in New York.

Over 600 Google employees have made headlines by signing a petition urging the company to retract its sponsorship from the “Mind the Tech” conference in New York, an event that showcases Israeli technological advancements, according to WIRED. 

During the conference in New York, a Google Cloud software engineer publicly interrupted Barak Regev, the CEO of Google Israel, to protest the application of Google technology in activities he described as surveillance and genocide against Palestinians. This bold statement during the conference and the widespread employee support for the petition reflected an overwhelming internal movement within Google, with employees focusing on corporate responsibility and the moral implications of technological deployment of the giant’s innovations. 

The protesters’ demands were clear as they called for the Israeli Alphabet subsidiary to disengage from the conference, issue an apology, and align its practices with the values and concerns of its employees and customers, particularly regarding the situation in Gaza. 

“I don’t see any way forward to continue my engineering work without doing this,” the engineer stated, adding that he “considers this a part of my engineering work, and I hope other engineers within Cloud see me do this, and I hope that it galvanizes them.” 

This sentiment was echoed by a YouTube software engineer, Zelda Montes, who emphasized the importance of worker solidarity against the use of Israeli AI technology in what they describe as surveillance and genocide of Palestinians. 

“While our ‘leadership’ continues to fail us, I hope that we as Google workers feel more empowered to turn to one another and ask ourselves what more we can do to collectively stand against tech for oppressions,” Montes told WIRED


The campaign, led by the group ‘No Tech for Apartheid’ targets Google’s involvement in Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion cloud computing contract with the Israeli government, alongside Amazon. Critics argue that this contract could facilitate military and surveillance applications, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

The controversy around Google’s participation in Project Nimbus and its sponsorship of the “Mind the Tech” conference raises critical questions about the role of technology companies in global conflicts and human rights issues. 

Speaking to WIRED, Google software engineer Mohammad Khatami, who endorsed the petition, emphasized the ethical responsibilities of tech professionals. He pointed out the direct impact their creations have on real individuals, including Palestinians, who use Google services and are potentially endangered by the technology produced.  

“The safety of Palestinians, our users, is jeopardized by the technologies we develop,” Khatami remarked. 

In the early stages of Project Nimbus, demonstrations were held by opponents who argued that the agreement would assist Israel in enlarging its controversial settlements through enhanced data collection capabilities for what is referred to as the “Israel Land Authority.” 

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