Ibtikar AI The Primary Arab AI Platform

Ibtikar TECH, a leading Jordanian company specializing in IT & programming , has unveiled its latest offering, the Ibtikar Arab AI platform.

Ibtikar TECH, a leading Jordanian company specializing in IT and programming solutions, has unveiled its latest offering, the Ibtikar AI platform. This marks the pioneering launch of the first Arab platform providing comprehensive artificial intelligence services, aiming to foster technological innovation within the Arab world.

The “AI Innovation” platform is specifically tailored for Arabic, streamlining content management in the language. It caters to Arabic-speaking users seeking AI solutions that align with their linguistic and cultural requirements.

Hussein al-Falouji, Chairman of Ibtikar Technology and the platform’s founding director, emphasized the significance of leveraging artificial intelligence for community service. He expressed the platform’s mission to bridge the gap in Arab content through advanced AI solutions.

Reem Hamdan, Project Executive Director, outlined the platform’s phased launch, starting with a month-long pilot phase before its permanent release. Companies and individuals can experience the platform via a complimentary registration package, enabling data collection for ongoing platform enhancement.

Hamdan highlighted the platform’s core objective: to develop AI solutions tailored to the unique linguistic and cultural traits of the Arab region. The platform’s scope encompasses a wide array of entities, including companies, organizations, government sectors, content creators, and individuals.

Distinguishing itself from global counterparts like ChatGPT and Google Bard, the platform’s focus remains on generating Arabic-based solutions across multiple sectors. Offering an array of services encompassing text processing, audio segments, images, and code, it caters to applications like speech recognition, image analysis, text generation, and software development.

In an effort to expand its regional reach, Hamdan confirmed the participation of Ibtikar AI in a two-hour special conference at the Dubai Artificial Intelligence Conference, scheduled for January 10, 2024. The event, sponsored by His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, will feature renowned artificial intelligence scientists from Germany and Europe, showcasing the capabilities of the Ibtikar AI platform.

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