Just in: the iPhone 15

What new features does the iPhone 15 offer to simplify business comms?

September only means one thing in the mobile device world, Apple’s annual launch event. This year, among other releases, the event brought all the details of the iPhone 15 — Apple’s latest handset upgrade. Here, Kristian Torode, Director and Co-Founder of business communication technology provider, Crystaline, summarises the latest Apple upgrade and how it could elevate your business comms.

The iPhone 15 comes in four models ranging from its standard device up to the high-spec Pro Max, with prices ranging from £799 to £1,199. Not only is it available in black and white, but also a whole new colour palette including blue, yellow, green and coral pink. Aside from its appearance, what features stand out as beneficial for business phone use?

Hardware changes

The biggest change that comes with the iPhone 15 is the change in charging port — Apple is eliminating its use of the Lightning cable in place of USB-C. This change isn’t necessarily something desired by Apple itself, but instead to ensure continuity across different technology. The EU instructed Apple to change its charging port infrastructure to make life easier for consumers, save them money by not having to buy multiple chargers and reduce e-waste through charger reuse across multiple devices.

From a business perspective, this is useful as it means simpler IT setups that are easier to manage. Now, many portable devices — be it Android phones, laptops, headphones, cameras and now the iPhone — will all use the same charger. 

For those on the move or working in physical environments, the iPhone 15 offers industry-leading durability too. It boasts a ceramic shield front that is tougher than any other smartphone glass and is splash, water and dust resistant. For those working in locations where device damage is a higher risk this extra protection is something to consider. 

Slicker software

There are also some updates to the software side of things. The iPhone 15 will feature a new ‘Dynamic Island’, which appears when the phone is unlocked and allows users to access most-used apps and see updates in an instant. This makes it possible to handle messages and review to do lists while multitasking effectively, ensuring no notification is missed.

Safety features have also experienced an upgrade. The emergency SOS satellite feature, which was introduced last year, has been made more intuitive. Now, if activated, the iPhone asks its user questions to inform the emergency services of the location and requirements. Its crash detection features also been improved, and now hardware sensors and motion algorithms are used to identify signs of a crash. All of these safety features make solo business travel safer and ensure communication is possible even when connectivity is difficult.

Operating system additions

It’s not just new iPhones that have come in September, but also the launch of the latest operating system — iOS 17. While this isn’t exclusive to the iPhone 15, it will be available for all Apple devices from September 18, it boasts some super valuable tools to streamline business communication.

It’s possible to personalise phone calls and how they are received on others’ devices, helping to mark the boundary between work and personal calls for those using a single device. Messaging will see the inclusion of a ‘catch up arrow’ to let you jump to unseen messages and it’s now possible to transcribe audio messages for easier communication management and reporting. 

The most useful new feature comes from AirDrop. Now — as long as you have full access to the Internet — users can still continue file sharing through AirDrop even while not in range. This makes for easier file sharing, whether that’s in the office or on the go. You can also now use AirDrop to share contact information, making business card exchange quicker and easier between iPhones and Apple Watches — a game changer for trade shows or other networking events.

The iPhone 15 will be available to purchase from 22 September, while iOS 17 will be available to download from 18 September. If your business handsets need an upgrade, whether that’s to the iPhone 15 or something else, Crystaline offers a range of business handsets from all major device manufacturers as well as a range of business phone contracts, tailored to your business needs. 

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