Mauritius Telecom launches beSafeMoris to combat Covid-19

Mauritius Telecom launches beSafeMoris to combat Covid-19

Mauritius Telecom has launched beSafeMoris to combat the spread of Covid-19. The virus which has so far, infected over 300 people and taken 10 lives, has prompted an initiative by the operator to keep the public safe, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation alongside other departments.

It seems even tiny island nations have not been able to avoid the spread of Covid-19. With a population of just under 1.3 million on an island of only 2000 square kilometers, any spread of the virus could have a devastating impact on the country.

With this in mind, beSafeMoris is deployed on IOS and Play Store as a free digital tool, with many features designed to effectively inform, raise awareness of the pandemic and quell fake news that tends to proliferate on social media and other networks. The features are;

Health Tips and Videos: With information verified and approved by the Ministry, the application contains informative videos and tips to stay in good health, and take necessary precautionary and preventive measures.

News and Communiques: The app delivers fact-checked news to keep people updated on the most recent Covid-19 related news worldwide, and stave off misinformation.

Map and Directory of Health Centers: App users will have access to a map pinpointing locations of health centers including their contact details on the map and directory.

Quick Access to Hotline Numbers: The app provides a list of hotline phone numbers for those in need of medical attention, or suspected to be infected, as well as for answering inquiries regarding their health.

Push Notifications: News and vital information can be pushed to app users directly from the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

FAQ: The app contains a list of frequently asked questions and their answers regarding public health.

Real time reliable information and quick and seamless communication in times of crisis are vital for avoiding the worst, mitigating impact, and saving lives. Applications such as beSafeMoris can prove invaluable insights during these times of social distancing and uncertainty of information.