MTN South Africa and Huawei Agree on Net5.5G

strategic alliance

During the IP Day Summit on June 6th, MTN South Africa and Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), cementing their strategic alliance.

Leading experts from MTN‘s network planning team and Huawei’s data communications division were discussing global network advancements, the latest innovations, and business strategies in the IP domain throughout the Summit, themed “Net5.5G Network Development.”

The Partnership

The Summit culminated in the signing of an MoU between the two telecom companies, solidifying their strategic alliance, focuses on improving MTN’s mobile and B2B services and operational efficiency. Together, the two companies will define the Net5.5G target network and foster the sustainable growth of MTN’s mobile, enterprise, and home broadband services. Leveraging the latest Net5.5G capabilities such as 400GE, SRv6, slicing, and the Network Digital Map is part of their plan to improve MTN’s service experience and network availability in both consumer and B2B markets, as well as boost operational efficiency.

Emphasizing the importance of stable and robust networks for MTN, Zoltan Miklos, MTN South Africa’s General Manager of Access Planning and Architecture, said in a statement that MTN still faces a range of challenges posed by the cloud and 5G era, specifically when it comes to service and network operations, security, reliability, and other areas, leading to the anticipated strategic alliance with Huawei.


Net 5.5G is the next generation of Internet Protocol (IP) networks which provides high-quality network access, maximizing digital productivity. Net5.5G is designed to handle more data and support new services that need quick and stable internet, like virtual reality. One of its best characteristics is smart routing which helps data find the best path across the internet quickly. Net5.5G also provides end-to-end network security protection, which is increasingly important as more services move to the cloud. Huawei is working on making this technology available soon.

The president of Huawei’s IP Marketing and Solution Sales Department, Feng Su, pointed out in a statement Huawei’s long-term investments in ultra-broadband products, network servitization, and network intelligence.

“We are committed to helping MTN build a leading IP transport network with ultra-broadband, high reliability, and an ultimate user experience, driving greater business success,” Su remarked on their new strategic alliance.

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