New Social Media Etiquette: Share Politics, Not Pictures of Your Kids

Navigating social media content can often feel like traversing a minefield without a map. Time to put an end to every mislead online.

Navigating social media content can often feel like traversing a minefield without a map. To put an end to every mislead online, five essential etiquette tips must be followed.

Drawing inspiration from a Washington Post article, it’s clear that while the internet offers the freedom to express oneself gracefully, this same liberty can lead to various missteps.

Here are five essential tips to help you maintain proper online etiquette and avoid common pitfalls:

1. Protect Children’s Privacy

The internet never forgets, so share your content about children cautiously. This means always seeking consent, even from young ones, and most importantly, considering sharing such content in private settings or with features like Instagram Stories that vanish after 24 hours.

Respecting requests from youths to remove their images is crucial. To further ensure their privacy, consider obscuring their faces in any public posts.

2. Respect Ownership of Content

Always ask before sharing personal moments like births, weddings, or even personal tribulations. This extends to content from texts and direct messages (DMs) – make “May I post this?” your go-to question.

Remember, posting someone else’s moment without consent can expose and strip them of their privacy and rob them of their moment.

3. Comment with Care

Keep public comments relevant and concise, at all costs.  Social media isn’t the place for personal conversations or off-topic discussions have deeper interactions for private messages or face-to-face meetings.

4. Be Bold with Your Beliefs

It’s time to embrace discussions on traditionally taboo topics like politics and religion online. Expressing your views can foster understanding and debate but do so with respect. Engage with differing opinions and ensure your online activism is matched by real-world action.

5. Fact-check

In an era where AI can craft compelling yet false narratives, take a moment to verify content before sharing. Scrutinize sources and seek out additional information to avoid spreading misinformation. And this is how you keep up to date with

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