Oura Smart Ring Makes Stress Tracking and Reflection Simpler

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Oura has introduced a slew of new features for its popular smart ring. From tracking your daytime stress to reflecting on your mood with AI, here’s the lowdown on what’s new.

Daytime Stress Tracking & Stress Resilience

Oura’s innovative Daytime Stress Tracker promises to monitor your stress levels every 15 minutes. It does so by gauging factors such as heart rate and body temperature. With this feature, users can pinpoint potentially anxiety-inducing moments or events throughout their day.

Come winter, Oura will also be launching its Stress Resilience tool. This function will mesh the Daytime Stress data with insights on how users cope with and recover from these stressors. The aim? To offer actionable advice on managing daily pressures more effectively.

Holly Shelton, a prominent figure at Oura, comments on the inherent nature of human stress, emphasizing that “with the right understanding and tools, stress can be channeled positively to boost creativity and productivity.”

New “Brushed Titanium” Shade

For those who wear the Oura ring as much for its aesthetic as its functionality, the company has also announced a fresh shade. The sleek “brushed titanium” will be joining the Horizon ring lineup, giving fashion-forward users another option to flaunt.

Reflections with AI

Tech enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice too. Oura has revealed Reflections, an AI-driven journal feature exclusively on its app. Currently in its beta phase for iOS users, Reflections allows for spoken entries and offers a streamlined gesture-based mood recording. The AI-powered auto-tagging system further simplifies the user experience.

The Oura ring is available from $299, and for those keen on exploring its more intricate features, a $6 monthly membership is on offer.

This new wave of the Oura smart ring features follows Oura’s earlier move this year, which made sharing sleep metrics with therapists a breeze. As the brand continues to amplify its focus on sleep-tracking and holistic well-being, users and enthusiasts await what’s next on the horizon for Oura.

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