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Australia aims to protect, promote critical technologies

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday announced a new plan to protect and promote technologies critical to the national interest, including quantum technologies, in a challenge to China’s emerging dominance in key strategic fields. The initial focus would be on nine critical technologies on a list of 63. The top nine include quantum technologies […]

Google to invest $750 million in Australia's tech future

Google announced Tuesday plans to invest $750 million in Australia’s tech future in the upcoming five years, ten months after threats of pulling the search engine out of the country. This year has put the Big Tech giant’s affiliation with the Australian government under the spotlight, as Google threatened to extract its search engine from […]

Vodafone Australia offers discounts on handset and SIM only plans

Vodafone Australia introduced a number of discounts for November, offering a range of reduced plan costs across select Vodafone Infinite Plans for SIM Only and handset plans. According to a press release late last week, the company said, “During November, eligible customers who sign up or upgrade to the $ 33 Lite+ month-to-month SIM only […]

Australia regulator demands face-scanning firm delete photos

An Australian privacy authority has ordered facial recognition company Clearview AI to stop scanning the faces of Australians and destroy the images and related data it has already collected. It’s the latest challenge for the New York startup that has angered privacy advocates around the world over its practice of “scraping” photos from social media […]

Australian authorities raise concerns against Apple NFT prohibitions

Australia’s parliamentary joint committee on corporations and financial services vocalized concerns around Apple’s business conduct in relation to prohibiting NFC chips incorporated into its device from being utilized for Apple Pay. Australian banks are required to deliver a monetary fee to the iOS developer to obtain access to its Apple Pay feature. In parallel, numerous […]

Google under fire in Australia, as it appeals $5.9 billion fine in the EU

Google plays all its cards to prove its uprightness in anti-competitive behavior, debunking any allegations circulating its market sovereignty as it gets bombarded by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) allegations, report finds. The ACCC’s results revealed that Google’s anti-competitive behavior in providing ad tech services reached its highest level yet as the search […]

Mastercard, DTA partner up to release digital ID service In Australia

Multinational credit card company Mastercard announced on Monday a new collaboration with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) as it implements plans to create digital identities and age verification system, a move that will manifest the company as a leading digital identity service provider in Australia. The Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) will be a unison […]

Australia’s tech industry is falling behind, report finds

As the world’s top technologically driven nations continue to transform innovative concepts into a reality, Australia risks falling behind without an interest to invest in digital technology-based research, IT professionals, and workers. That is according to a new report published by the Australian Academy of Science in collaboration with the Australian Academy of Technology and […]

Australian court rules media liable for Facebook comments

Australia’s highest court on Wednesday made a landmark ruling that media outlets are “publishers” of allegedly defamatory comments posted by third parties on their official Facebook pages. The High Court dismissed an argument by some of Australia’s largest media organizations — Fairfax Media Publications, Nationwide News and Australian News Channel — that for people to […]

Lighter editions of the PlayStation 5 are now on sale in Australia

For the digital edition of the PlayStation 5, Sony’s engineers were able to reduce the weight by 300 grams. According to Press Start, the new lighter PS5 edition carries the same updated model number CFI-1102A, which means both consoles will allow users to enjoy the same features.   The only prominent difference between both devices […]