Parents Petition Against AI Generated TikTok Influencers

Parents of TikTok users are urging TikTok to address their TikTok AI influencer content creators that are available on the platform.

Parents of TikTok users worldwide are urging TikTok to address their TikTok AI influencer content creators that are available on the platform.

12,000 parents or perhaps more are pleading TikTok to clearly label which influencer is AI generated and who is a real human influencer to the viewers. In an online petition, the parents addressed the CEO of Shou Zi Chew, and stated that AI influencers have perfected faces and bodies. This contributes to the idea of unrealistic beauty standards and body dysmorphia for children and teens who are TikTok users.

ParentsTogether which is a nonprofit organization that advocates for many important issues, sponsored the letter that was sent to TikTok. Although ‘virtual influencers’ have been around for many years now, the concern has them still growing online has become extremely alarming for parents. This is making it difficult for children to be able to distinguish between who is real and who isn’t.

Although last year TikTok informed its content creators to label what is in fact AI generated and what is not, they seem to not be applying the rules. Shelby Knox, the campaign director of ParentsTogether mentioned how labelling is not enough to end this issue. Knox stated that a big percentage of the time the videos are not labeled, and you are not aware whether the influencer is a real human or an AI generated influencer unless you visit their profile.

When you pay a visit or stalk the profile of any influencer you would state whether they are AI generated in their biographies or they would even try to hide with using hashtags such as #aiinfluencer.

Knox stated “I’m not sure that your average kid knows that a virtual influencer is industry speak for, ‘This person isn’t real. So because these companies are making money on TikTok’s platform and it is contributing to a dangerous culture, our view is that TikTok has a responsibility to come in and figure out how to consistently and visibly label these accounts and these videos.”

In an email that was sent by a TikTok spokesperson that because of ParentsTogether’s parent advisory, three virtual TikTok influencers accounts were removed.

The influence on children is easy to a certain point and creating self-esteem issues at this age is easier. Let us not include AI in everything, we are not only creating unrealistic beauty images and body dysmorphia issues for children, but we are also taking over social media influencers jobs. If we were to create a hashtag mine would be #LetUsStopIncludingAIInEverything.

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