Putin Advocates for Russia's AI Development to Counter Western Monopoly

President Vladimir Putin announced plans to endorse a national strategy for Russia's AI development to counter western monopoly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to endorse a national strategy for Russia’s AI development to counter western technology monopoly.

Speaking at an AI conference in Moscow, Putin emphasized the urgency of utilizing Russian solutions in AI to prevent a Western monopoly on the technology.

Putin raised concerns about the dominance of foreign AI technologies in Russia, calling it “unacceptable, dangerous, and inadmissible.” He highlighted that many AI systems, developed with Western data, are tailored for Western markets and reflect Western ethical norms and behavioral standards, which are often at odds with Russian values.

During his tenure, Putin has consistently pushed against Western influence, promoting “traditional values” as a countermeasure. His stance has become more pronounced since the onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022.

One key issue raised by Putin is the potential for digital “cancellation” of Russian culture through Western-developed AI. He argued that such AI could exhibit xenophobia and bias against Russia, sidelining Russian culture, science, music, and literature.

Putin announced plans to boost investment in supercomputers and other technologies to advance national AI research. He emphasized expanding research in generative artificial intelligence and large language models, underscoring the importance of Russia’s cultural and spiritual heritage in these developments. According to Putin, these elements should form the foundation of “reliable, transparent, and secure AI systems.”

Acknowledging the impossibility of banning AI development, Putin stressed the need for safeguards. He expressed confidence that the global community would seek to establish security guidelines for AI once the risks of uncontrolled expansion are fully recognized.

Putin’s announcement signals a significant shift in Russia’s technological strategy, focusing on developing indigenous AI capabilities to maintain cultural identity and counterbalance Western technological dominance.

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