SpaceX Charged After Illegal Sackings

SpaceX Labor Dispute had a complaint filed against it by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board due to the illegal firring.

SpaceX Labor Dispute has had a complaint filed against it by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) due to the illegal firring of eight employees. The letter included discrete information about how the company turns a blind eye to sexual harassment that takes place at the workplace.

A copy of NLRB complaint summarized the complaints of the eight employees of SpaceX and stated that they, “engaged in concerted activities with other employees for the purposes of mutual aid or protection by drafting and distributing an open letter.”

In their missive the employees stated that “behavior in the public sphere is a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us.” They claimed that SpaceX had violated its own “no ass—-s” and “zero tolerance” policies with divisive social media posts done by its founders and alleged sexual misconduct.

The National Labor Relations Board discovered that following the employees of SpaceX writing the open letter, the management of the company “interrogated” the writers and “made coercive statements” to them, which included “inviting” them to resign “if they disagreed with the behavior of Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk.” Ultimately, SpaceX Labor Dispute unlawfully terminated those workers due to their open letter, according to the NLRB complaint.

The SpaceX workers’ lawyer, Laurie Burgess, discussed that in addition to filing a formal complaint with the California Civil Rights Department, her clients also pressed charges of “failure to correct sexual harassment at SpaceX.” The employees journey in the company ended when they were fired after having their open letter published. SpaceX’s headquarters and major operations are located in Hawthorne, California. Both the California Civil Rights Department and SpaceX failed to provide a prompt response to inquiries for comment.

An NLRB representative had made a statement by an email on Wednesday following the open letter by SpaceX Labor Dispute employees,’ the regional director of labor agency in Los Angeles released the complaint. Now, the NLRB regional office will pursue the agreement between SpaceX and the fired former employees who spoke up. In the event that they cannot come to an agreement, they will appear before an NLRB administrative procedure judge in Los Angeles beginning on March 5. The ruling of such a judge is not always final and may be challenged before the federal appeals court and the NLRB board.

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