Your Political View Will Dictate If You Should Swipe Left or Right

Political views have become a filter on dating applications in 2024, determining whether users will swipe left or right.

Political views have become a filter on dating applications in 2024, determining whether users will swipe left or right.

2024’s Political Dating Apps

As users turn to dating applications to find their significant other, one specific filter is playing a significant role: the political filter. 2024 has significantly influenced the shaping of dating apps, especially in India.

In the world of online dating, apps like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, amongst others, are adding new features to help users find compatible matches. One such feature is the ability to display political beliefs prominently on profiles, even before users start chatting.

A Bumble survey from December 2023 revealed that 20% of users are turned off if their match doesn’t have clear opinions on key political and social issues. Moreover, 39% of respondents either already display or are considering displaying their political affiliations on their profiles.

But why does political compatibility matter in dating?

Research from Stanford Business School has shown that people are generally attracted to those who share similar political views, a phenomenon known as ‘homophily.’

Value of Politics on Dating Apps

Political opinions can definitely influence dating preferences with many young people feel that knowing a potential partner’s political views is crucial as it can affect their relationship status.

Dhruv, a Hinge user from Lucknow India, highlights that political beliefs can seep into personal lives and potentially create conflicts. “Some people support aggressive politics, which can reflect in their behavior towards partners,” says the 21-year-old student.

Ritika, from Ghaziabad India, prefers dating app matches with moderate political views. She believes extreme political opinions can lead to a partner imposing their views on others, creating a toxic dynamic.

“I avoid people with extreme opinions as they tend to be close-minded and imposing,” Ritika says.

In a 2021 Bumble survey, 46% of respondents stated they couldn’t date someone with differing political views. This surged trend reflects a growing emphasis on political compatibility in the dating world, as young people seek partners whose beliefs align with their own to avoid future conflicts.

Point of Stop for Politics on Dating Apps

Why should politics be included in everything?

Political views are interconnected with religious affiliations to a certain extent as political parties often speak in the name of religion, causing a charged and heated atmosphere, which can be transmitted to dating apps.

When you choose to be on a dating application, it is for the purpose of swiping left or right to find yourself a partner, not to encounter another barrier to staying single. Let us draw a line on where and when to open up political discussions and how.

Swipe left or right for love and not politics.

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