Google Unveils Chatgpt Rival Bard

Google owner Alphabet Inc on Monday said it will launch a chatbot service and more artificial intelligence for its search engine as well as developers, an answer to Microsoft Corp in their rivalry to lead a new wave of computing. Microsoft, meanwhile, said it planned its own AI reveal for Tuesday. The cascade of news […]

Over 2022, the tech sector saw highly high volatility. Taking the brunt of changes in Fed tightening predictions and the outlook for the USD. The Nasdaq and the XLK (SPDR Tech fund), two major tech indexes, are down on the year by 27% and 23%, respectively. As we transition into the first quarter of 2023, […]

Google Tees up Venue Clash

Lawyers for Alphabet Inc’s Google LLC on Wednesday said they will ask a federal judge in Virginia to move the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit to Manhattan federal court, where the company is already fighting claims that it has abused its market power for online advertising technology. In a filing in the Manhattan litigation, Google’s […]

U.S. Lawsuit Against Google

A landmark lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department against Alphabet’s Google over its dominance of advertising technology could help rivals and websites that sell ad space, but leaves an uncertain future for the advertisers themselves, experts told Reuters. The Justice Department’s complaint against Google on Tuesday called for the company to divest Google Ad Manager, […]


The U.S. Justice Department accused Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday of abusing its dominance in digital advertising, threatening to dismantle a key business at the heart of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful internet companies. The government said Google should be forced to sell its ad manager suite, tackling a business that generated about 12 […]


Alphabet’s Google said on Friday it will appeal the Indian antitrust watchdog’s ruling that ordered the tech giant to change its approach to its Android platform and imposed a fine of $162 million for anti-competitive practices. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) had said in October that Google leveraged its dominant position in markets such […]

India Panel

An Indian parliamentary panel on Thursday recommended the government enact a digital competition act to regulate anti-competitive business practices by Big Tech companies on its platforms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has had strained relations with many large technology companies, and New Delhi has been tightening the regulation of firms such as Facebook, YouTube and […]

Tech Stocks

The world of stocks is vast and constantly evolving. Tech stocks offer an excellent opportunity for investment by merging the tech world and the stock market. The market is flexible and fluctuates heavily changes. Predicting the stock market changes and performances needs experts and lots of research. Some easy, stable picks present themselves, while sometimes […]