Data Security

Enhancing Search Engine: Google's Personalization Strategy 

Google, the leading search engine, has consistently focused on improving user experience by providing personalized search results. Recognizing the unique preferences and interests of each user, Google has implemented a comprehensive personalization strategy to deliver highly relevant and tailored search experiences. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, machine learning technologies, and localized data, Google aims to create […]

The Impact of Website Hacks and How to Prevent Them

The prevalence of website hacks has reached an alarming level, which makes us  question the fate of our own data. Understanding the repercussions of a website breach is crucial to safeguarding our personal information and upholding our online security.  The Consequences of a Website Breach:  When a website falls victim to hackers, they gain unauthorized […]

Is Using Wi-Fi Safe? Myths and Exploring Security Measures 

We spend most of our days connected to Wi-Fi, whether we’re scrolling on our phones, working, or streaming our favorite shows. But have you ever wondered about its safety? What are the myths surrounding the potential dangers of Wi-Fi on various levels?  The Conversation About Radiation  One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that Wi-Fi […]

Is The iPhone Secure Enough? 

The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone on the market. While its many features, like the camera and reliability of the device, are never in question, security always is. Concerns about the iPhone’s security kept being voiced, and Apple kept adding features to try and tame these concerns. But is it enough?  End to End and […]

China Urges Apple to Strengthen Data Security

China has urged Apple to strengthen its data security and personal privacy protection, the country’s state planner said in a statement on Tuesday. Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission Zheng Shanjie made the comments when he met Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday, the statement said. HONG KONG (Reuters) Inside Telecom provides you with […]

TikTok Creators, Some U.S. Democratic Lawmakers Oppose Ban on App

TikTok creators and three U.S. Democratic Party lawmakers on Wednesday said they opposed any potential ban on the Chinese-owned short video sharing app that is used by more than 150 million Americans. On Thursday TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will testify before the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee amid growing calls for a ban […]

US FTC Seeking Information on Cloud Providers’ Market Power

The Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday it is seeking information from the public on cloud computing companies’ business practices including details on their market power, competition and potential security issues. The U.S. cloud computing business is dominated by four providers that include Inc , Microsoft Corp, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Oracle Corp. None […]