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On August 25th, the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) will usher in its first phase, mandating content monitoring for tech giants.

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Meta’s new AI chatbot characters with unique personalities that aim to engage its massive user base are under fire.

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Big Tech power faces bipartisan push in US Senate, with Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham seeking to create a new government regulator.

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On Thursday, 8th June, Chris Cox, a high-ranking executive at Meta unveiled a new decentralized social network to the employees.

Text-Based Market

In a bid to adapt Instagram has recently made a bold move into the text-based market. This strategic decision is fueled by a combination of factors that underscore Instagram’s commitment to fostering deeper connections, accommodating user demands, and expanding its user base.  Evolving User Preferences:  Instagram’s venture into the text-based market is propelled by an […]

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Facebook polls and games may pose potential security risks to your device, leading to unauthorized access to personal information.

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Big Tech has been making headlines lately as governments all over the world are scrutinizing their business practices. In fact, Germany’s FCO found Apple to be “of paramount significance for competition across markets” earlier this month. But what does that mean for small and medium enterprises that use Big Tech’s platforms to advertise themselves, like […]

China’s Huawei Technologies is partnering with more legacy automakers to produce Aito-branded electric cars, the company’s senior executive said on Saturday, in a move to expand its presence in the auto industry. Huawei will team up with Chery Automobile, BAIC Motor and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group in jointly developing and manufacturing Aito-branded vehicles, Richard Yu, […]