Mark Zuckerberg

Meta Platforms Inc

Meta Platforms Inc has almost no chance of barring the chair of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan, from participation in the FTC’s challenge to Meta’s planned acquisition of virtual reality content developer Within Unlimited Inc. But that has not stopped Meta from continuing to wage a campaign for Khan’s disqualification, as evidenced most […]

Microsoft Layoffs

In the current state of the world, the challenges the world is facing bleed into the economic aspect as well. The job market is more ruthless than ever. Layoffs, or as some like to refer to them, realignment, hit every pillar of the tech industry. Small fish are getting affected, and the giant whales are […]

Meta Accepts UK Order

Britain’s competition regulator has ordered Facebook-owner Meta to sell animated-images platform Giphy on Tuesday after a tribunal upheld its view that the acquisition could damage its rivals and remove a potential competitor in advertising. Meta said it would accept the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) order to unwind the 2020 deal. “We are disappointed by […]

Meta's New Quest Pro Headset

Meta Platforms unveiled its Quest Pro virtual and mixed reality headset on Tuesday, marking a milestone for Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s break into the higher-end market for extended reality computing devices. The headset, introduced at Meta’s annual Connect conference, will hit shelves on Oct. 25 at a price of $1,500, and will offer consumers a […]

Meta Horizon Worlds

Once known as Facebook, Meta set the metaverse as its primary goal. The promise to once roam the virtual realms and meet up with friends and colleagues to work or have fun was bold. Meta is yet to deliver on that promise. With the Meta Horizon Worlds, people can enter the virtual world and enjoy […]

wearable tech with neural interface

Meta Platforms Inc’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, on Wednesday teased a new smart glasses project with EssilorLuxottica, posting a photo of the eyewear company’s chairman sporting a prototype of a neural interface wristband – designed for directing other devices. “Here Leonardo is using a prototype of our neural interface EMG [electromyography] wristband that will eventually […]

best inventors of the 21st century

Often the greatest leaps in technology we experience are all thanks to a handful of people who are gifted with the brains, charisma, influence, or vision to pivot humanity into a better future. These are 4 of the greatest inventors of the 21st century.  that together Steve Jobs  After meeting with Steve Wozniak during a […]

Mark Zuckerberg lost $29 billion in net worth on Thursday as Meta Platforms Inc’s stock marked a record one-day plunge, while fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos was set to add $20 billion to his personal valuation after Amazon’s blockbuster earnings. Meta’s stock fell 26 percent, erasing more than $200 billion in the biggest ever single-day market […]