The Economics of Fusion Energy 

Nuclear fusion is the sun’s ignition process to release energy. In simple terms, but still hard to comprehend if you’re not a nuclear physicist, this is the release of energy when two atoms merge. Scientists are developing this type of energy, but their work is still in its infancy; the energy expended to produce fusion […]

Eleven EU Countries Push to Keep Nuclear Out of Renewable Energy Goals

Energy ministers from eleven European Union countries, led by Austria, on Tuesday formed an alliance to push back attempts by France and others to count nuclear energy towards the bloc’s renewable energy goals. Calling themselves the ‘Friends of Renewable Energy’, the governments aim to fend off attempts by a rival alliance – led by France, […]

Explainer - What Are Tactical Nuclear Weapons and What Is Russia's Policy?

Russia has a deal to station tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of neighbouring Belarus, President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday, adding this will not violate non-proliferation agreements. What are these weapons and what is Russia’s policy on them: WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS The United States has said the world faces the gravest nuclear danger […]

Eyeing China, Biden and Allies Unveil Nuclear-Powered Submarine Plan for Australia

The United States, Australia and Britain unveiled details of a plan to provide Australia with nuclear-powered attack submarines from the early 2030s to counter China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific. Addressing a ceremony at the U.S. naval base on Monday in San Diego, accompanied by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, […]

Analysis - Nuclear Submarine Plan Aims to Give Australia Strategic Edge to Deter China

Australian nuclear submarines are key to defending the country’s 36,000 kilometres of coastline and maintaining an edge against China, whose growing military presence means conflict can erupt without notice, defence officials and government advisers said. The shift from Australia’s diesel-electric fleet to nuclear-powered subs brings additional range, stealth and strike capability – crucial capabilities given […]

Biden to Host Australian, British Leaders on AUKUS Defence Pact

U.S. President Joe Biden will host leaders of Australia and Britain in San Diego next week to chart a way forward for provision of nuclear-powered submarines and other high-tech weaponry to Australia, sources familiar with the plans said. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said before leaving on a visit to India on Wednesday he would […]

U.S. Funds Projects on Tackling Waste from Advanced Nuclear Plants

The U.S. Energy Department on Thursday announced $36 million for projects addressing toxic waste expected to come from a new generation of nuclear reactors, plants the Biden administration sees as a crucial to fight climate change. The 11 projects, funded through the department’s ARPA-E program supporting energy research into high risk, but potentially transformational projects, […]

North Korea Accused of Testing ICBM System and Restoring Nuclear Test Site

North Korea used what would be its largest ever intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system in two recent launches, and appears to be restoring some tunnels at its shuttered nuclear test site, U.S. and South Korean officials said on Friday. The reports are the latest to suggest the country may soon follow through on threats to […]