Nvidia Corp

Nvidia Enhances Mid-Range Video Gaming Chip with AI Technology

Nvidia Corp said on Wednesday it is packing one of its mid-range chips for gamers with more artificial intelligence features to improve graphics, underscoring the importance of gaming for the company despite the segment’s slowing revenue. The new RTX 4070 chip, which Nvidia will start shipping on Thursday, will cost $599, putting it near the […]

Google Says Its AI Supercomputer Is Faster, Greener Than Nvidia A100 Chip

Alphabet Inc’s Google released on Tuesday new details about the supercomputers it uses to train its artificial intelligence models, saying the systems are both faster and more power-efficient than comparable systems from Nvidia Corp. Google has designed its own custom chip called the Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU. It uses those chips for more than […]

Groq Adapts Meta’s Chatbot for Its Own Chips in Race Against Nvidia

Groq, a Silicon Valley chip startup founded by a former Alphabet Inc engineer, said on Thursday it has adapted technology similar to the underpinnings of the wildly popular ChatGPT to run on its chips. Groq modified LLaMA, a large language model released last month by Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc that can be used to […]

Nvidia, AMD Grapple with Latest U.S. Curbs on China’s Inspur

Nvidia Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc and other tech firms are scrambling to assess whether they must halt sales to units of China’s Inspur Group Ltd after its addition to a U.S. export blacklist last week. The United States last week added Inspur to its trade blacklist for allegedly acquiring U.S.-origin items in support of […]

Nvidia’s Plans for Sales to Huawei Imperiled if U.S. Tightens Huawei Curbs - Draft

U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp’s plans to sell technology to China’s Huawei would be thwarted if the U.S. government proceeds with a proposal to further restrict shipments to the blacklisted company, a draft report by a government contractor shows. The Biden administration has been considering limiting the items it authorizes U.S. companies to ship to telecoms […]

AI Boost Lifts Broadcom Forecast amid Lingering Enterprise Weakness

Broadcom Inc forecast second-quarter revenue above estimates on Thursday, as increased investments in artificial intelligence spur demand for its chips used in data centers. In a deteriorating economy, where both consumer and enterprise spending is on a decline, AI has emerged as a bright spot for chip firms such as Nvidia Corp and Broadcom, due […]

Microsoft Inks Nvidia Game Deal to Assuage Regulators over Activision Merger

Microsoft Corp has struck a 10-year deal to bring “Call of Duty” and other Activision games to Nvidia Corp’s gaming platform if the Xbox maker is allowed to complete its much-contested $69 billion acquisition of Activision. Regulators and competitors like Sony have come out hard against the proposed Microsoft-Activision tie-up. The move may allay concerns […]