Open AI

Big Challenge to Google

Microsoft Corp is revamping its Bing search engine and Edge Web browser with artificial intelligence, the company said on Tuesday, signaling its ambition to retake the lead in consumer technology markets where it has fallen behind. The maker of the Windows operating system is staking its future on AI through billions of dollars of investment […]

Ai-Enhanced Bing

Microsoft Corp on Tuesday unveiled a juiced-up version of its Bing search engine and Edge Web browser, powered by an upgraded version of ChatGPT’s underlying technology. The launch is limited to a “desktop limited preview” available on Tuesday. Users will need to go to this link and sign in to a Microsoft account to get […]

Bard vs Chatgpt

Alphabet Inc and rival Microsoft are once again locked in a race to rule the internet zeitgeist after the Google owner launched “Bard” in answer to AI chatbot sensation ChatGPT. Just minutes after Google announced the launch of Bard on Monday, Microsoft said it would hold an event at its Redmond headquarters to reveal its […]

AI powered search engine

All of today’s search engines operate similarly. A list of links is provided after you type a question or a few keywords, ideally including the information you are looking for. But what if search engines mixed the links and instead used artificial intelligence to send you information directly? That may soon be how Bing functions. […]