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Sam Altman Returns In a post published just hours ago on X, OpenAI have announced that Sam Altman returns as CEO. The gang of four who threw him out are gone. And a new board will take the company forward. It is understood that Netflix already has 6 scripts in contention and will be negotiating […]

So Let’s Have a Recap, Shall We? Day 1. First, AI media superstar Sam Altman leaves the company he started. The Board of OpenAI says he was ‘less than candid’ with them, but offers nothing more by way of explanation. Day 2. The technology chief, Mira Murati – a staunch acolyte of Mr. Altman, was […]

Emmet Shear Takes Over From Sam Altman The co-founder and ex-CEO of Twitch TV has taken on the OpenAI seat vacated by Sam Altman and Mira Murati. Admittedly, the latter didn’t last 48 hours and Emmet’s position has been communicated to the media as an ‘interim’ appointment. Nonetheless, it’s still a statement of intent from […]

Sam Altman, former head of OpenAI, is set to join Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research division, announced Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, on the social platform X. The announcement came as an attempt to quash rumors of Altman’s potential return to OpenAI, following his dismissal on Saturday. Emmett Shear, previously the CEO of […]

In the world of AI development, things tend to happen really quickly. Well, that’s the impression the media has created. This latest turn of events is no different. Sam Altman, the new kid in cyber town, has suddenly packed up his little cardboard box full of personals and snuck out the back door of Open […]

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OpenAI's chip venture is delving into the ambitious world of AI chip production, exclusive sources reveal potential acquisition.

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Everyone knows what AI, crystal clear. But do you know what's the difference between general AI VS narrow AI? Let's find out.

Sorry, but that headline should read ‘head to the hill’ not ‘head the bill’. Because that’s where Elon and Mark are going. To Capitol Hill, to advise the lawmakers on how to deal with AI. But given their recent, rather silly pugilistic proclamations about a cage fight, what do you expect? So what could be […]