I Follow You, Deep Sea AlgaRay Baby

It earned a spot in Time’s Best Inventions of 2023; it is the one and only AlgaRay. Cleaning water bodies can cost tens of thousands of dollars meanwhile the process disrupts both fishing and tourism industries. AlgaRay is an aquatic robot project that depicts the alleviation of sargassum stress. The name behind AlgaRay is motivated […]

The Billionaire Empire: Getting His Ducks in a Row?

At this point, Elon Musk does not need an introduction, especially after being in the news for his interesting takeover of Twitter. Nevertheless, the tech mogul was once known for his innovative approach to science and technology. In fact, his portfolio contains an extensive list of companies he had a hand in, including PayPal. But […]

Starlink, the Global Connection

IEC Telecom, a French satellite service provider, is officially a Starlink satellite internet service authorized distributor for SpaceX. IEC Telecom made a new service portfolio with Starlink capability available for satcom users on Monday, including remote workers, multinational corporations, and maritime organizations. IEC Telecom provides new Starlink land solutions for mobile and fixed deployments. The […]

Musk Says Starlink Will Seek Exemption from Iranian Sanctions

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said on Monday that the company will ask for an exemption from sanctions against Iran to provide the firm’s Starlink satellite broadband service in the country. Musk made the statement on Twitter at a time of widespread protests in Iran over the death of a woman in police custody. Some people […]

U.S. Rejects Broadband Subsidies for SpaceX's Starlink, LTD

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission rejected broadband subsidies for SpaceX’s Starlink and LTD bands applications for more than $2 billion in internet service subsidies, the FCC said on Wednesday. In December 2020, the FCC tentatively awarded $9.2 billion to over 300 bidders to deploy high-speed broadband from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. LTD Broadband won […]

NASA Raises Concerns about SpaceX Satellite Deployment Plan

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) raised concerns about SpaceX’s plan to deploy about 30,000 satellites for its Starlink, as have some major companies. Elon Musk’s SpaceX previously received authorization for about 12,000 satellites to offer broadband internet and has requested authorization for a second-generation constellation of 30,000 satellites. “NASA has concerns with the […]