U.S. Trade Blacklist

Biden Administration Adds 14 Chinese Firms to Red Flag List

The Biden administration on Thursday added 14 Chinese companies to a red flag list, forcing U.S. exporters to conduct greater due diligence before shipping goods to them because U.S. officials have been unable to inspect the listed entities. Being added to the list can potentially start a 60-day clock that could trigger much tougher penalties. […]

Nvidia, AMD Grapple with Latest U.S. Curbs on China’s Inspur

Nvidia Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc and other tech firms are scrambling to assess whether they must halt sales to units of China’s Inspur Group Ltd after its addition to a U.S. export blacklist last week. The United States last week added Inspur to its trade blacklist for allegedly acquiring U.S.-origin items in support of […]

Nvidia’s Plans for Sales to Huawei Imperiled if U.S. Tightens Huawei Curbs - Draft

U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp’s plans to sell technology to China’s Huawei would be thwarted if the U.S. government proceeds with a proposal to further restrict shipments to the blacklisted company, a draft report by a government contractor shows. The Biden administration has been considering limiting the items it authorizes U.S. companies to ship to telecoms […]