Tech facts you need to know this week

Tech facts you need to know this week
  1. Facebook announced the first 20 members of its oversight board, which will decide what controversial content is permitted on both Facebook and Instagram. The board will make rulings over what content will be allowed on the social network.
  2. Tesla is apparently preparing to restart operations at its factory in California which could be a possible violation of local shelter-in-place orders. CEO Elon Musk has become increasingly more vocal than usual in his opposition to the coronavirus lockdowns, calling them “fascist” during a call with investors.
  3. An Amazon VP challenged a former colleague, Tim Bray, who left the company in protest after the company fired workers who raised safety concerns. Brad Porter, a vice president and engineer at Amazon, responded to Tim Bray’s criticism, describing it as “deeply offensive to the core.”
  4. Google employees have been told that they cannot expense food and other perks while working from home, as they are made to waiver the company’s usual free meals. Employees also will not be able to put their unspent budgets towards any of these expenses, or be able to put the surplus cash towards a charity. 
  5. A problem in Facebook’s code broke a large number of popular applications on iOS including Spotify, TikTok, Venmo, and Tinder. The issue was identified and then resolved after the update to the social network’s software developer kit. 
  6. New York Gov. Cuomo pushed the previous Google CEO Eric Schmidt to help invent a more tech-dependent future for the state post-COVID-19. Cuomo announced during his daily briefing Wednesday, that Schmidt would chair a 15-member group to help New York use technology in the economy of tomorrow.
  7. The NYC Department of Education is rethinking its ban on Zoom after the company addressed its security and privacy concerns. Zoom made multiple adjustments to address the NYC Department of Education’s concerns about privacy and security for students and teachers that use the tool. 
  8. A city in India is ordering all of its residents to download the government’s controversial COVID-19 contact tracing app or face jail time. Police in Noida, a city in the suburbs of New Delhi have ordered all residents to download Aarogya Setu, a COVID-19 contact-tracing app developed by the Indian government.
  9. Two of the United Kingdom’s biggest telecom companies Virgin Media and O2 have collaborated. The deal between Liberty Global and Telefónica creates the UK’s largest phone and internet operator with the new company valued at £31 billion.
  10. 77 cell phone towers have been set alight so far due to the continued spread of a weird coronavirus 5G conspiracy theory. Philip Jansen, CEO of British telecoms company BT, also said that one engineer had been violently assaulted while out maintaining network infrastructure.