Telenor Group pushes e-learning into 2020

Telenor Group

Telenor Group continues to promote e-learning and digital schooling to customers who are stuck at home, by introducing several remote learning services.

With the tremendous rise in internet usage, Telenor subscribers are given the opportunity to read e-books and take courses for both adults and children, while in quarantine.

The newest addition to their e-learning application suite, is e-book subscription platform, Bookmate.

Bookmate hosts a database of around 1 million e-books and audiobooks in 15 languages, which include English, Turkish, Russian and Spanish. Telenor Montenegro is offering its user’s access to this library, which includes over 3,000 pieces by top regional publishers, and is available in both mobile and web.

Upon activating Bookmate, Telenor users will also get 10GB of internet for using the service and a 30-day trial period. The service is free for users with a postpaid package, while other users will need to pay EUR 4.99 as a tariff supplement.

Telenor Montenegro has been on the digital education path prior to 2014, when they released the Surf Wisely App on their networks. The application allowed parents and children to view and educate themselves on a variety of digital subjects. These include topics on social network security settings, and technology related topics, while giving users the option to ask questions. Telenor Group announced that development has brought them one-step closer to their goal of “wider availability of information regarding safe usage of global network.”

In 2016, Telenor Group revealed the release of Digiworld, a curriculum designed for ‘Helping children become safer and more confident digital citizens.’ In partnership with UNICEF and PlanGlobal, Telenor brought this learning tool to millions of parents and pupils in Asia, aimed at children aged 6 -15 years old.

The program teaches children to keep their online data safe through gamification. Schools and parents could use this curriculum to give students a better understanding of the digital world, a way to navigate it safely, the nuances of interacting online, helping to spot things like cyberbullying, how to examine content and how to become more aware of hate speech or fake news.  It also teaches people how to react when things go wrong.

This year sees Telenor Group continue down the same path. Now seems an appropriate time for Telcos across the world to explore additional ways that education, knowledge, and communication tools can be brought to people in times of social isolation.