The 3 most commonly believed tech myths - busted!

Tech myths

The amazing research team at have taken a look at the world of tech ‘mythsteries,’ just to see what false facts the public really believes. In order to do so, they created a master list of well-known tech nonsense as well as some things that may have been true at some point, but are not any more.

To investigate these myths further, hundreds of people took part in a survey in the United States and were asked, which of the major tech myths they believe most.

  1. The first most commonly believed myth is: that more megapixels in a digital camera, can create an instantly better picture. 86% of respondents chose that answer. It’s true that marketing hype doesn’t make the situation any better but what really helps with a better photo is a bigger sensor inside the camera.
  2. The second most popular myth is that 52% of the respondents believe that charging a phone overnight somehow harms the battery. That is simply not true. Another one to enlighten the smartphone user, is that you don’t need to run down your entire battery completely before you can charge it.
  • The third most widely accepted myth is that 31% of people believe that an airport X-ray will damage the memory stored on your phone or laptop. This is a holdover from when people had film cameras and X-rays really could damage the film. However, it will not affect a hard drive. A giant magnet is capable of damaging a hard drive, so make sure to keep your phone and PC out of the MRI machine if ever you need a brain scan. 

And so, the list goes on with people believing that you can’t infect a Mac with malware and that the overnight shutdown of a PC is an absolute must. If you don’t believe any of these, you must feel pretty wonderful, give yourselves a pat on the back. took the research a step further and checked Google Trends to see what the most-googled tech questions are. These go from the acceptable to the simply ridiculous, such as ‘can you charge your phone in the microwave?’ There are also a lot of questions based on the topic of security and many have asked ‘Can our phones listen in on you?’ Then there’s the all-important ‘should I put my phone in rice if I fall into a pool and it’s in my jacket pocket?’ Actually, you’d be better off using those silica gel desiccant packets.