The “Apple” Is Eating Everything, Even the Netflix Games!

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Netflix introduced a new beta program, available only in Canada and the U.K., allowing users to stream video games on TVs and PCs.

  • This offering excludes Apple TV due to Apple’s stringent App Store policies.
  • Netflix recently launched a Game Controller app on the App Store, designed for playing streaming games on TVs through the Netflix app.

On August 14th, Netflix announced a beta program only available in Canada and the U.K, making its video games streamable on TVs and PCs except Apple TV due to Apple’s App Store policies.

In recent years, Netflix has been investing heavily in gaming. In fact, it has acquired several game studios, including Night School Studio, which developed the popular game Oxenfree. Netflix has also been developing its own games, and there are now over 50 games available on the service.

And if you weren’t aware, Apple does not allow game streaming services on its App Store. This includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, or Apple TVs. It won’t even allow the dozens of interactive TV shows and specials on Apple TV’s Netflix. So, players can download and install games but not stream them. And it’s all the policies’ fault.

Apple requires that all applications distributed through its App Store must have its own rating and parental controls. And considering these games must be submitted individually, game streaming services can’t easily and readily comply.

Apple has previously removed Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming service from the App Store over these policies. And now it’s doing it to Netflix. Despite the tech giant’s prioritization of user safety, its fight with Netflix over game streaming is only harming end-users.

However, all hope is not lost as just last week, Netflix launched a Game Controller app on the App Store. As made obvious by its name, this application is for playing streaming games in the Netflix app on your TV. Netflix hasn’t closed itself off from future projects regarding Apple.

Finding the balance between innovation, security, and user satisfaction remains an ongoing battle among Big Tech giants. The end-user, however, has a lot on the line.

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