Apple Develops Wi-Fi 7 for iPhones 

Apple is aiming to develop a wireless chip to support its Apple Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, to implement for the first time in the iPhone 17 Pro.

Apple is aiming to develop a wireless chip that supports Wi-Fi 7 and plans to implement it for the first time in the iPhone 17 Pro, expected to launch in 2025.

According to researcher Jeff Poe, who focuses on Apple affairs, this chip poses a threat to the giant’s partnership with Broadcom, which currently supplies the iPhone parent with the chip enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections in iPhones.

Poe believes that Apple will expand the use of its self-developed Wi-Fi chip to encompass the entire iPhone 18 lineup in 2026, though further details about the chip have not been disclosed. 

It’s worth noting that Bloomberg, in a previous report, mentioned that the Big Tech giant is developing a chip to provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for its devices starting in 2025.

Other reports have indicated that the chip will solely offer Wi-Fi connections and that Apple had temporarily halted its development. Therefore, it remains unclear whether the company has resumed this process. 

Apple’s Wi-Fi 7 is expected to enable data transmission and reception across 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz frequencies simultaneously when used with a compatible router, offering high connection speeds that can reach up to 40 Gbps. 

It appears that Tim Cook aims to adopt a new strategy that allows it to develop various components of its devices internally. This strategy is intended to reduce dependence on external companies and suppliers, including the development of camera sensors and batteries. Additionally, Apple has been working on a 5th generation modem, developed internally, although significant progress has yet to be reported. 

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