The New Featherlight Foldable Gaming Chair by Logitech

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Imagine receiving this email as a gamer! I can hear your screams of delight for the new Logitech folding chair, while writing this now.

Dear gamers,  

I hope this news finds you well! 

A new foldable chair is on its way with a price tag of $299. So, for all you gamers out there, add it to your list and try as soon as possible to be the first gamer to purchase it! 

Hear all the details from Inside Telecom on their website and all their social media platforms.  

Thank you! 


But before becoming too overwhelmed, let’s dive in and properly introduce you to the new Logitech folding chair. 

The 26 lbs foldaway chair… What does it offer? 

Logitech collaborated with Playseat to create a lightweight foldable racing seat that is consistent with Logitech racing wheels and pedals. It is designed to deliver a comfortable racing experience for gamers of all levels, and it is easy to store, drive and to travel.  

The comfort it gives makes you feel like you are in a car. It can be adjusted based on your leg length. To all tall-ish gamers – your legs are going to fit.  

Logitech now is not just… 

Keyboards, computers, and cameras. It is now targeting the gamer community. So, more gaming accessories are on their list of products.  

Why the new switch?! 

The gaming community is growing swiftly: The global gaming market is expected to reach $256.97 billion by 2025, according to a report by Statista. The increasing popularity of mobile gaming and the rise of esports is scary. Gamers want to spend money on gaming accessories, just so that they improve their performances and enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest.  

So It’s a smart move from Logitech to transfer to the gaming products, they are going to gain ‘that’ many dollars! 

Business-Wise: A lot to benefit from

Other than benefiting the gamer community. By offering the chair, companies can increase their sales and reach new customers by creating a lot of buzz and attention and with that companies can increase their brand awareness and reach a large audience. Thus, customers will be addicted, and they will keep coming back for more. Companies can develop new (and more likely to be successful) products by listening to the gamers’ feedback.  

  • Retailers: It can help retailers to increase their sales. 
  • Esports Teams: They can use it in their gaming competitions as well as helping players focus better during competitions.   
  • Game publishers: Partnering with Logitech can assist in promoting the chair to their customers and offering the chair as a prize in their gaming competitions.  
  • Tech Companies: They can use the chairs in their offices and gaming lounges. Employees will feel more comfortable and productive.  

Humanitarian aspect of the chair!

People with special needs and with back pains hear me out:  

As aforementioned, the design that made it easy to transport and store is going to assist people with special needs BIG time. While for people with back pain, I’ll give you my feedback once my back feels the texture of the chair, stretch my tall legs, and hear “Your dream is our command” from my managing editor and director.  

The adjustable seating positions make it more comfortable and supportive for the backs, reduce back pains and improve posture.  

My back pain made me stand up while writing this article. I need this chair right now!

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