The New “Apps by Apple” Promoting the Store of Apple

In June, Apple launched its Apps by Apple website to promote its own apps, featuring six categories, and to differentiate them from third-party apps.

The website features a collection of Apple’s homegrown apps, including Photos, Maps, Messages, and Notes. The apps are organized into six categories: Communication, Creative, Productivity, Explore, Fitness, and Games. The new website also includes app reviews, how-to guides, and videos.

Apple is transitioning from the execution of the Wonderlust event in September and the launch of its new lineup to the current release of its apps on the new website. However, the latter move appears somewhat delayed. So, why now? In the coming months, Apple is preparing for regulatory changes.

In the past, Apple has faced criticism for its strict control over the App Store. The website is also a way for Apple to promote its apps in light of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Allowing sideloading on iPhones and iPads in the EU indicates that users can install apps from outside the App Store, potentially harming Apple’s app business.


By promoting its own apps on the “Apps by Apple” website, Apple is hoping to make it easier for users to find and install its apps, even when sideloading them. Sideloading refers to the process of installing apps from third-party app storefront. Despite[DK9] the company’s claims [DK10] to stop sideloading for security reasons, it is an ‘under the bed’ move from Apple to take advantage of sideloading to compel developers to use Apple’s store payment method. So, guess who is winning again? Apple. By using the above method, Apple gets 15% to 30% cut off in-app purchases.


To leave you with Apple’s words: “Unparalleled privacy. Every app by Apple comes with powerful privacy features to help protect your data and give you control over your information.” It further adds: “Accessibility features are built into every Apple product and app — to help all people learn, create, and do what they love.”

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