Samsung Develops Its AI Features on Galaxy S24 Phones

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI set to transform user experience with advanced features and unmatched efficiency, welcoming AI integration.

Samsung is working on some new features related to AI to enable it on upcoming Galaxy S24 phones.

The Japanese company will be launching its newest leading smartphones with significant a focus on AI and these features will be available with the One UI 6 update, which will be installed by default in those phones.‎

According to the latest leaks, Samsung will raise the quality of low-light video shooting based on artificial intelligence to reduce noise and improve exposure and stability.‎

‎When editing video, Samsung will provide advanced editing tools, including the ability to remove items from scenes.‎

Samsung will also allow the feature of adjusting the angles of taken photos without the need to crop it, by using generative AI to fill the blank with content that suits the photo.

Samsung will deploy AI to improve the call experience, by analyzing the calls and then suggesting measures to be taken based on the analysis to be done once calls end, including creating a to- do list, adding an event calendar, or taking an important note. It will also provide the ability to translate live voice calls in a way to overcome the obstacles of different languages and dialects during communication.‎

While applying the suggestions, Samsung will enable the text summarizing tool in the appropriate format, in addition to generating backgrounds, changing the writing style through the keyboard, and improving the battery protection based on usage and charging patterns.

Google had offered such features in its recently launched Pixel 8 phones.

Samsung is expected to announce the launching of Galaxy S24 starting 2024, as well as the enabling of some features on some versions of its phones.

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