ToTok introduces new feature, ToTok Pay

Totok introduces new feature, Totok Pay

ToTok, an instant messaging, video call, and voice chat app, released ToTok Pay on March 17th for Android users. With this new feature, users can make payments through a QR code contactless system, as well as send money to their contacts through their ToTok chat, achieved through partnership with licensed financial institutions.

The app has been downloaded by over 20 million people mostly in the Emirates, but also Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. The new feature uses global tokenization technology to securely encrypt and store user financial information, while an AI-based fraud management system has been developed to detect any unauthorized activity.

ToTok Pay represents a significant step towards the creation of the digital ecosystem we have always envisioned for ToTok” said ToTok co-founder, Giacomo “The new feature provides our users with a secure, convenient, and fast way to send money and make mobile payments online and in person”.

The company sees their entry into the payments sector as a necessary step in the current era, as cashless transactions become more widespread and adds that it is a convenient tool to help fight the spread of corona and other diseases, with the possible hazards of physical currency given the current situation.

Technology is becoming increasingly essential to our everyday lives, especially as the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic. Our hope is that by introducing a new contactless and cashless payment method in the UAE, ToTok Pay will play a small part in helping protect public health during this challenging period,” Ziani added.

Furthermore, US officials and the New York Times claim that their investigations yielded concerning results regarding user privacy. They claim that the app terms and services freely provide the user’s private information as well as all the users’ conversations to the company. They add that it is particularly suspicious in a country that restricts video calls on WhatsApp and skype.

Whether these claims are true or not, the UAE has had yet another step forward in their technological sector, and the app continues to gain popularity around the world.