Trends in Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Since the world has been hit by tech advancements, more and more people are becoming tech-conscious than ever before. As such, app trends are moving and shifting, to meet the demands of consumers looking for an optimal digital app experience.

According to reports, in 2022, consumers in the USA are projected to spend over $34 billion dollars on mobile apps via app stores. This is a huge number and an opportunity not to be missed, if you are looking to present an innovative concept in the app arena. Understanding the app development cost is crucial to ensure you make the most out of this lucrative market.

App developers must strive to keep themselves informed and educated on the latest trends and developments in the mobile space. Technology and user behavior are fundamental components in the evolving landscape of app development, therefore understanding the changing dynamics, will set you on the right path to success.

Blockchain Technology in App development 

Blockchain has without question, revolutionized the mobile app space. More startup and app developers are using blockchain technology. Blockchain in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT) improves application performance by speeding up the rate of transactions, reducing risk of security threats, and minimizing product development costs.

AI use in mobile app development strategies

What is the added benefit of AI use in app development? Deep Learning when collaborated with machine learning, can do wonders to an app development project by giving you valuable data and real-time analytics for important business insights.

For app developers, it’s now easy to build-in chatbots on their website and apps. In the future, you’ll see chatbots that are like virtual assistants that will feel like you’re talking to a real person.

AI and machine learning have dug their heels deeper into mobile apps more than we may have realized. Siri and Alexa are proof of why machine learning and artificial intelligence are very much a part of mobile apps and cannot be separated now.

Instant Apps

With users constantly demanding better user experience and shorter load times, instant apps are indeed the trend that 2020 will welcome, and for good, thus eliminating the waiting time required in the installation.

The best part is, instant apps are not only popular among individuals, but mobile app development firms also finding them useful because it helps iOS and Android app developers achieve a better conversion rate in comparison to a regular mobile app.

Smartphone users are being privileged with the kind of apps produced, using Artificial Intelligence. AI is growing across different fields of businesses at an overwhelming rate. Businesses that have infused AI and ML in their apps are at a significant advantage against their competitors. It’s also a great way of achieving traction and engagement with users.

AI will gain ground in our daily lives via mobile app development services very soon. We can expect future AI platforms for working and consolidating different mobile interactions.