Urbi Showcases Leadership in Geospatial Technology at Gitex Africa Morocco in Marrakesh

Urbi a pioneer in geospatial technology showcases leadership in Geospatial Technology at Gitex Africa Morocco in Marrakesh.

Urbi Showcases Leadership in Geospatial Technology at Gitex Africa Morocco in Marrakesh.

Urbi, a pioneer in geospatial technology, recently made a significant impact at Gitex Africa Morocco in Marrakesh. The event provided an excellent platform for Urbi to highlight its cutting-edge innovations and its commitment to fostering sustainable urban environments.

Pavel Mochalkin, CEO of Urbi, reflected on the event: “Gitex Africa Morocco was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our technological expertise and our dedication to creating smarter, more livable cities worldwide. Our participation underscored Urbi’s leadership in revolutionizing geospatial technologies, and we were thrilled to demonstrate how our innovations in Liveability, SmartStreets, and SmartCities are making tangible impacts in urban management.”

Mohammed Al Beloushi, Deputy CEO of Urbi, also shared his insights: “Gitex Africa offered a unique platform for Urbi to present our advanced solutions for cities and urban management. Our solutions are designed to equip governments and businesses with the tools they need to respond to challenges with agility and foresight. I was proud to represent our team and engage with other industry leaders committed to the transformative potential of technology.”

Throughout the event, Urbi demonstrated its forefront position in developing innovative solutions for urban management, smart cities, digital twins, navigation systems, and immersive mapping. The exhibition allowed Urbi to affirm its status as a regional expert in these critical areas.

Amr El-Enein, COO of Urbi, emphasized the significance of their participation: “Our presence at Gitex Africa Morocco reinforced Urbi’s role as a leader in deploying digital twins and navigation solutions. These technologies are integral to our strategy of enhancing urban infrastructure management and operational efficiency. I enjoyed sharing insights on our operational successes and exploring new partnerships to expand our global impact.”

During Gitex Africa, Urbi showcased how its cutting-edge solutions empower smarter decision-making and enhance urban life quality. Attendees experienced firsthand the latest advancements in digital twin technology and immersive mapping systems, which are setting new standards for accuracy and usability in urban planning and development.

Urbi highlighted its achievements and ongoing projects in several key areas:

  • Liveability: Enhancing the quality of life through sustainable urban practices.
  • SmartStreets: Implementing technology-driven solutions for safer and more efficient city streets.
  • SmartCities: Building interconnected technologies that make cities smarter and more responsive.
  • Risk Management: Providing tools and systems to better manage and mitigate urban risks.
  • Urban Management: Improving city operations through advanced geospatial technology.

These topics reflect Urbi’s commitment to advancing technology in ways that significantly improve urban environments.

Urbi thanks all attendees who visited their stand at Gitex Africa Morocco, where they explored technologies that are making cities smarter and more responsive to the needs of their citizens.

About Urbi

Urbi is a global leader in geospatial technology solutions, specializing in urban management, smart city infrastructure, digital twins, and navigation systems. With a vision rooted in the revolutionary advances of the Middle East, Urbi is dedicated to fostering sustainable urban development and enhancing the quality of life for people around the world.

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