What is SOC in cybersecurity? 

What is SOC in cybersecurity 

Decentralization of technology is the typical trend in the modern day. Cloud based communications, additive manufacturing, and data driven decision making are all good examples. When it comes to cybersecurity however, the opposite might be the better way to go. That is why every organization worth it’s salt ought to invest in an SOC, Security Operations Center, to safeguard its operations. But what is an SOC in cybersecurity? 

An SOC is basically a centralized command post for cybersecurity operations. The function of the center is to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cybersecurity threats. The teams operating within the SOC are in charge of protecting company assets which include business systems, business and personal data, as well as intellectual property and brand integrity.  

One can see why businesses might prefer to centralize operations. A central point of collaboration between different roles in a cybersecurity team or teams is a much more organized and secure way to monitor assess and defend against cyberattacks and possible breaches. 

SOCs are usually built as part of wat is known as a hub-and-spoke model, where data from different security feeds are aggregated into a centralized system.  

The functions of an SOC in cybersecurity include: 

  • Taking stock of available resources and assets such as devices, applications and processes, as well as the availability of safety tools. 
  • Preventative maintenance and preparative security measures such as educating team members, developing a security roadmap, and keeping company software updated. 
  • Monitoring around the clock using specialized tools with immediate reporting. Some advanced systems can actually “learn” threat behaviors and proactively inform experts of impending breach. 
  • Recovery of lost or compromised data which includes deploying backups, wiping and restarting endpoints, or reconfiguring systems in case the worst should happen. 
  • Investigating the root cause of a security threat or breach using log data, which helps in future prevention. 
  •  Threat response to incidents such as shutting down endpoints or ending harmful processes and deleting files. 

The role of an SOC in cybersecurity is essential for any large company’s data security and integrity, and a well trained and managed team of professionals, ad well as robust systems are a worthwhile investment.