What is WiFi 7? The next step in wireless evolution

WiFi 7

The future belongs to those who seize it in the present, and the global race for better, faster, and more reliable connectivity that underpins modern society is no different. Even as Wi-Fi 6 began its commercial availability around 2019, work has already been underway to bring next gen WiFi into reality to accommodate our increasing connectivity needs.

What is so special about WiFi 7? Nothing yet, as engineers are still working to bring most of its features to life, but what it promises is astonishing.

Wifi 7 speed reaches as high as 30 gigabits per second, while eclipsing any premium packages we have today that top at around one gigabit per second, to put that into perspective. WiFi 7 frequency includes, but is not limited to, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz, and 60 GHz frequency bands, giving it the flexibility that makes it so coveted by consumers and businesses.

One might argue that no one really needs this kind of power at the tip of their fingers. In truth, maybe they don’t, but the march of time waits for no one, and our appetite for connectivity is only increasing and diversifying. With the benefits of WiFi 7 enabling both industry and personal functionalities, the widespread need for which still may not exist, but most definitely will.

It’s the same principal behind 5G deployment, even though there are not that many self-driving cars rolling around just yet, countries are still rushing to rollout the next generation of mobile networks.

As enterprises undertake full scale digital transformation, they will require the flexibility and enhanced capabilities that WiFi 7 brings. In conjunction with 5G, WiFi 7 will accelerate cloud architecture adoption, bring edge computing to the forefront, bolster Industrial IoT, and usher in an era or virtualization and digitization that only seems to flourish.

Overall, WiFi 7 will enable the release of products and services that require low latency, high reliability quality of services.

From a consumer standpoint, video gamers and VR/AR users will have the time of their lives, while smart homeowners and video streamers will finally have exactly what they need.

The WiFi 7 release date is expected to be around mid-2024, and until then, engineers from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, or the IEEE, are working tirelessly to deploy the technology that will usher in the Fourth industrial revolution.