Zoom 5.0 update – Security and privacy concerns drive development

Zoom 5.0 update – Security and privacy concerns drive development

After lockdown was implemented in most countries around the world, Zoom went from having 10 million to 200 million subscribers in less than three months. However, the surge in user activity and its popularity also brought a new wave of concerns. The easy-to-use video-conferencing app later caused an outcry from users after security researchers found bugs in its codes and the company failing to mention that its service was not end-to-end encrypted.

Indeed, its popularity had much to do with the fact that its easy-to-use features would enable the less experienced user from navigating through the app to integrate more successfully into remote work life.

Experts highlight the fact that hijackers are constantly following trends and as such, the Coronavirus pandemic and remote working arrangements along with the active implementation of online work tools, would inevitably become their focal point. Those that are more vulnerable to security risks online are people who have been pushed out of their comfort zone and into the unfamiliar world of tech.

Consequently, the app faced troubling issues including “Zoombombing” incidents where unknown people would crash meetings. This led to several companies, governmental entities and educational institutions stopping their use of the platform.

After the negative media attention, Zoom has come back with a new, improved version: Zoom 5.0 update

So, what modifications have been made to improve Zoom’s security?

The company have made important changes to its user interface, including:

  • Password protection and giving more controls to enable meeting hosts to monitor participating guests.
  • A switch to AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard.
  • An admin account which can select specific data center regions for meetings via new data routing control.

Other changes include a security icon to access Zoom’s security features, secure account contact sharing, a dashboard enhancement and more. The company says many of the new features are already available to provide a better, safer service for their subscribers.

“I am proud to reach this step in our 90-day plan, but this is just the beginning. We built our business by delivering happiness to our customers. We will earn our customers’ trust and deliver them happiness with our unwavering focus on providing the most secure platform,” said Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom.