2024 Update - Blue WhatsApp Plus Is on Ghost Mode

The New Year started, so WhatsApp developers launched a new update that will change the old chat look used by the fake version of the messaging platform for so long. It’s WhatsApp Blue Plus.

WhatsApp Plus, 2024 Edition 

The 2024 edition of WhatsApp Plus has various new features that many users have been waiting for, in addition to fixing several issues, including privacy, status viewing and video rendering. 

A new feature that connects WhatsApp Plus with the latest custom version of 2024 is a drawing of a character from the Pac-Man game, at the top of the app’s home screen that refers to the ghost mode, which prevents your friends from seeing you online. 

Like the original WhatsApp Plus app, the Plus version has acquired a new feature that allows its users to send photos and videos in high resolution without having to pixel them, along with another feature that will provide an option to log in via email without the need for passwords. 

Uploading method of the 2024 version of Blue WhatsApp Plus 

  1. If you still use the original WhatsApp version, then save a copy of your chats on Google Drive. 
  1. Once done copying, delete the original WhatsApp version. 
  1. Search for WhatsApp Plus V60.20 on Google and install it on your device. 
  1. Once the Apk file is downloaded, install the App on your device and give it the necessary permission to run it. 
  1. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen, then add your phone number, the verification code, your name, and your picture, and then start chatting with everyone. 

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