4 things that will never be the same after COVID-19

after covid-19

Education and reopening schools

No parent wants to send their children to school in times like this. Promoting classroom safety or asking children to follow good hygiene practices at all times is both challenging and risky.

Many people have started to question the role of physical schooling facilities for many disciplines and grade levels. Having already incorporated remote work tools and solutions into education, families and students see this as a safer – possibly better – way of learning in the future.

A hybrid system will most likely take over, but ultimately, it is up to each country’s education system to decide what is best for their youth.

Office jobs and remote work

An obvious one. Now that the dye has been cast and many people are required to work from home, there’s no turning back for the workforce after COVID-19.

Many businesses have found that building a successful remote organization is possible and that high work productivity and team collaboration do not require a centralized office. The new transition also saves money on rent and utilities.

There is of course a downside to the shift, but sooner or later, most enterprises will likely adapt.

Healthcare, a new norm

Where going to the doctor’s office for a checkup was the norm, it may be a rarity post-pandemic. The realization has struck many doctors and patients that remote monitoring, counseling and diagnostics are overall convenient, useful, and economically sound ideas to adopt.

Seeing this, it is hard to believe that anyone would go back to the conventional way of doing things without incorporating some level of telehealth. Many young doctors now firmly believe that healthcare will never be the same after COVID-19, and that might be a good thing.

Socializing and the way we greet others

Now the big one. Let admit that handshakes are out of the question at this point. People have taken to air-kisses, hand-on-chest greetings, or nodding and squinting as signs of welcome and acknowledgement.

Pubs and restaurants have had a chance to reinvent themselves. New facilities will adopt new norms and solutions. Open air, delivery friendly, social-distancing establishments are fast becoming the standard or at least the new style. Many have taken to investing in sanitizing robots or temperature detecting cameras to keep themselves and their customers safe and comfortable as hygiene climbs everyone’s list of priorities.