Europe pools resources into COVID-19 R&D initiative ‘CARE’

7Europe pools resources into COVID-19 R&D initiative ‘CARE’

Accelerated R&D in Europe (CARE) has been launched by a European consortium forming a united front dedicated to COVID-19 R&D for better and more accessible treatments for COVID-19 throughout the continent. It is the first endeavor of its kind and seeks to research, create, and develop new drugs and antibodies as effective therapies for COVID-19.

CARE comprises 37 public-private partners, including universities, research centers, small and medium enterprises, academic professionals, scientists, in association with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), and the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). Their combined capabilities aim to bolster COVID-19 R&D efforts for a more stable future.

“Beyond the scientific excellence of the different teams involved in this very ambitious project, CARE is bringing together 37 partners in an alliance pooling their expertise and know-how around an ambitious five-year work plan to develop therapeutics against the current COVID-19 pandemic”, said Executive Director of the VRI-Inserm and CARE Coordinator, Professor Yves Levy. “We are very grateful for the financial support provided by the Innovative Medicine Initiative that will enable us to implement this plan.”

By means of a computer modeling and simulation technique called ‘in silico’ screening and analysis, researchers will search through and examine existing treatments of other ailments related to covid-19, and viruses like it, to be repurposed for COVID-19.

After analyzing and profiling possible candidates, top picks will undergo the first rounds of testing. From there, the most promising options will move on to the next stages involving human participants.

With the combined efforts and resources of every member and the drive and spirit to work fast and collaborate, CARE might be able to hit turbo on COVID-19 R&D, and hopefully achieve life-saving results.

“COVID-19 is a once in a lifetime scientific challenge for our generation,” said Kumar Saikatendu, Director of Global Research Externalization, Takeda. “CARE aims to create effective therapies with a positive safety profile for current and future coronaviral outbreaks. We hope to move fast and have a meaningful impact in a timely manner.”