A Man Found His Other Half, Thanks to GPT 

A 23-year-old proposed to his tinder match with the help of ChatGPT. This is what they are calling a Tinder GPT match. 

A 23-year-old proposed to his tinder match with the help of ChatGPT. This is what they are calling a Tinder GPT match. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has done it once again but this time it’s a different kind of achievement. AI has upgraded its game and began its interfering in love and relationships. How does AI know about love, this is what you have to know. 

A single Russian man claims he was assisted by artificial intelligence in meeting and developing a conversation with his now wife. The 23-year-old Alexander Zhadan used ChatGPT and many other AI bots to help him in filtering who would be the best Tinder match for him. Zhadan mentioned to Russian news agency RIA Novosti that he had about 5,000 women as Tinder matches, then AI assisted him in finding his “AI-endorsed soulmate” Karina Imranovna. 

“I gave ChatGPT information about how I communicate. At first, there were problems because the program didn’t know me, it could write some kind of nonsense, but later I trained it to such an extent that it began to interact with girls like me,” Mr. Zhadan stated to a source.  

Zhadan spoke about how the AI bot was able to filter out his bad Tinder matches. He continued to talk about how the AI bot “made small talk on his behalf”, it also helped him book dates, and most importantly helped him in the process of proposing. According to him, he also set up filters that would display the women he should keep in live communication with. 

Mr. Zhadan soon had a real-life encounter with Karina. He continued his correspondence with her via the AI platform. According to Zhadan he mentioned that “when Karina and I met live, I realized that it was possible to stop this system and retrained her as an analyst of correspondence with Karina,” he continued to add that the neural link gave him tips on on where to go and what to say while being on the date.  

The 23-year-old stated that ChatGPT had advised him to pop the question to Karina at the end of 2023, citing the fact that “their relationship is balanced and strong.” 

Zhadan is a 23-year-old man, and he is considered to be a GenZ. Can we see the pattern in reliance that this generation has on AI? This current generation is reliant much more than expected on tech advances. The fact that they are even reliant on GPT to initiate a conversation with a selected partner also chosen by GPT is terrifying. As the future of tomorrow, this generation should develop their own character and faith in themselves. They are capable of doing much more than they think they can. Having GPT is great, but it shouldn’t be a reason for them to rely on it.  

Technology was made to aid us in moving forward but it wasn’t made to pull us backwards and erase our identity.  

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