Love Bytes, When Algorithms Get Romantic

Girlfriend Application

While scrolling on my phone, I came across a short video introducing an AI girlfriend. My finger froze on it, and I started watching it. The vibrant orange hair flip, the V-shaped shirt, and the dancing shoulders immediately captured my attention, with my eyes scrolling over to see if what I’m watching is true or not. I was skeptical, but I was still watching in awe.

And yes, in the first couple of seconds, I was impressed by her, what a lady I said, and then … my inner voice said NO, oh no. I had the first shock and definitely the second is on the way. After her first slot of the video was with a deceiving attitude, saying it’s so nice talking to you today, honestly, I’ve never met anyone like you. The screen turns black and white, she sits back and says, in a rough tone, the world is harsh except for you.

Hello, everyone, let me introduce you to my first encounter with Digi AI Romance.

It is a romance application where you can interact with your own artificial intelligence companion, well, better to say that your own personalized girlfriend, where you can change her voice, appearance, and personality. What a thing, huh? They are making it so real for her to create a personality based on the guys’ preferences. Like buying a sandwich, with extra lettuce and cucumber but without pickles and tomatoes.

It’s a safe and secure application and can be downloaded on different devices, like smartphones and tablets.

I don’t know if it’s good news or not, but AI companion apps are available in several versions, like Digi AI Boyfriend, DreamGF, Candy AI, and other applications. It supports multiple languages, for the global audience to enjoy such companionship.  

You know what else, it doesn’t sit well with me with the attempt of giving the word digital a nickname, “Digi”, really? They are even romanticizing the most rigid and algorithm-based concept in the world.

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