China Cracking the Apple Code for Digital Dominance?

China Apple Crack China Apple Cracks the Code for Digital Dominance?

Wangshendongjian Technology, a Chinese tech company, broke the encryption of Apple’s AirDrop wireless file-sharing function. This breach helps to identify those who send improper information.

That happened through a tool that extracts user’s information from the encrypted device logs of iPhones that are receiving files via AirDrop. This put in hand the power to control the ‘inappropriate content’ in public places like Beijing subway,

Wangshendongjian Technology “broke through the technical difficulties of anonymous traceability through AirDrop,” which “prevented the further spread of inappropriate remarks and potential bad influence,” the agency said.

China Apple Crack!?!

The idea of Apple getting breached raises not only concerns but fears about the privacy and the security of the users’ information.

Regardless that the news is a big deal for China. Is it legal, China Apple Crack? The Chinese tech company is considered to be playing with fire since it has a ‘chilling effect’ on what is called free speech. From an eclectic perspective in terms of implications, this tool that has been used on AirDrop, mentions worries about the potential exposures in different and the most important encrypted communication channels.

“According to international media, including The New York Times and Vice World News, some residents in China used AirDrop, which can be used only between Apple devices, to spread leaflets and images echoing slogans used in a rare protest against Chinese leader Xi Jinping in October 2022,” stated CNN Business.

How and What China Used?

Questions and vagueness are on Apple loyalists’ minds since little is known about the technology used by the Chinese company and Apple hasn’t yet confirmed or released an official response. This will worry users who may feel unsafe, and not comfortable while using AirDrop. Of course they won’t put out at risk their personal data, thus making the ‘strong loyal bond’ between them and Apple so wonky.

It’s so understandable that China is always in a technology race with Apple. So, it’s trying to do its best to destroy in whatsoever Apple’s kingdom.  

“In November 2022, shortly after the protest against Xi, Apple began to limit AirDrop sharing with non-contacts for devices in China, which made it harder for users to share files with people they didn’t know. That feature was later expanded globally,” stated CNN Business.

Especially for locations in government surveillance where sharing sensitive information is a life-or-death kind of a situation.

Cautious is the master of such situations.

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