Music Sounding Awful? The Fault is with Apple Music, Not Your Headphones

Apple Music Music Sounding Awful? The Fault is with Apple Music.

Do you have your new Apple or Beats wireless headphones? If yes, does it sound different on Apple Music?

Don’t panic, the problem lies with Apple Music and not with your headphones!

What is Happening Then?

Apple Music introduced new formats that are affecting the sound of the music, the formats are: Dolby Atmos and lossless audio in 2021. The Dolby Atmos Music format has the default option when you want to listen on an iPhone or iPad through the Apple or Beats wireless headphones that are supplied with Apple H2 chip. For instance, Beats Studio Pro or Apple Air Pods Pro.

What these formats do is that they make the sound quieter and weaker! The user experience is going to be affected, ruining your most needed time to be isolated from the external noise of the world. Of course, it is extremely annoying when the user buys these specific wireless headphones for a reason. Disappointment at its peak!

“I’ve had this issue consistently in the past… month or two, I think. Sometimes, when I play a song through the “Music” app, the playback will be at a much lower pitch than it should be. This results in songs being distorted-from what I can tell, the speed of the songs isn’t changing, just that the music is being pitched down.” SuddenlyWolf, commented on the community page of Apple’s website, sharing his/experience with Apple Music.

The Plot Twister

The thing that makes it spicier is that if you use third-party headphones, Dolby Atmos is NOT automatically enabled and needs to be manually adjusted. This means that your music experience won’t be affected, and the sound will be heard loud and clear.

No worries, Apple music lovers, for every problem there is a solution, that’s what my grandpa used to tell me. You can fix it by heading to the settings to adjust the sound check by enabling it or disabling the Dolby Atmos format in the Music section.

The other solution is called the thermonuclear option, in other words: Disabling Dolby Atmos format completely. How? You just turn off the Dolby Atmos after it is enabled to automatic or always on. From that you won’t hear longitudinal soundtracks from Apple Music and your listening journey will be the same before buying these headphones.

So, accusing your headphones of being the problem is quite unfair. Dig to the roots of the problem and search more, of course you understood that this is a saying from my grandpa as well.

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