Apple’s 'Stolen Device Protection' Adds Superpower Security in a Snap!

Apple Stolen Device

If you fear your phone getting stolen, there are steps you can take to protect your data and applications. The feature is called, Apple Stolen Device where the thieves will face several hurdles to access your data.

Apple announced on the 12th of December a new security feature for iPhones named “Stolen Device Protection” (SDP). Its aim is to protect the user’s passcode if compromised.

If you feel that your phone is in an unusual or unsafe location, then don’t worry. The feature requires:

Face ID facial recognition

Passcode for sensitive actions

But of course, the feature must be enabled to require the above steps and it definitely depends on the model of your iPhone.

Misuse by Thieves

The aim here is to prevent misuse by thieves who acquire passcodes through scams or theft. The above main, required, and additional authentications help in disabling certain actions, including accessing stored passwords, wiping the phone, and making changes to Apple Pay settings.

The new security mode can be set to automatically activate when the phone detects any unfamiliar location.

Applers, you’ll benefit from the SDP

Extra layers of protection can never go wrong. They provide peace of mind, particularly when you’re in ‘specific’ and unsafe locations, or if you’re traveling. On top of that, this mode adds to the already existing iPhone security features like passcodes and encryption.

Not to fully trust …

With every new tool or feature, there are some drawbacks that must be considered. To start, there’s the inconvenience in some situations, specifically if the user frequently accesses their sensitive information on their phone. If you are one of them, then you must be more vigilant!

Another downside of the “Stolen Device Protection” feature is that the location-based activation can sometimes be erroneous, as it might not always work flawlessly. This could lead to situations where users potentially need to manually activate the mode.

The introduction of such features gives users a sense of ‘we are here for you’. As always, Apple astonishes its loyal users with more and more new features, further deepening their emotional attachment to the products.

I’ll leave you with this quote: “As threats to user devices continue to evolve, we work tirelessly to develop powerful new protections for our users and their data,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement.

Oh, and wait for it, iOS 17.3 users: the feature will be included with an opt-in option for you!

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