Meet Your New Gym Buddy. Tesla Optimus.

Optimus Humanoid Robot

If you could see how effortlessly Optimus is doing squats, you’d hop off our bed and register in the nearest gym. Let me introduce you to Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot. 

Tesla has upgraded its first-generation Optimus making it fitter and slimmer. It’s Optimus Gen 2 Robot.

Now we can take fitness advice from IT. And maybe later, find your gym buddy Optimus taking gym classes with you.

SO … -10kg and egg holder?!

So technically Tesla improved its hands by increasing dexterity, grip strength, and even new functionalities like fine manipulation or object recognition. Therefore, it helps Optimus to perform tasks that need hand movements.

So, what happened is that Tesla had committed to a diet plan for Optimus to lose 10kg (22 lb) and it can ACTUALLY handle GRACEFULLY an egg with what they called “tactile sensing on all fingers”.

Surprisingly on top of that, it can do squats in the gym to electronic music. It can dance, too. 

The aim is to replace humans in what is said to be ‘unsafe’ activities with appealingly pleasing design compared to the precedent bulkier Generation one version. Then, making the robot more navigable and cooler to interact with in numerous environments.

“Optimus is designed to perform tasks that are dangerous for humans, allowing them to focus on higher-level activities.” –Tesla

Not enough information

More information is needed about the hand improvements and the extent of Optimus’s slim figure. Not knowing exactly when it’s going to be available commercially.

No matter how they are trying to make robots more human-like, especially if they are naming them humanoid robots, doesn’t make it any better.

So, make it to hold an egg, walk smoothly, and do some squats. Are those just the tasks that we can accomplish? Trying to minimize us not by size, but by worth?

It seems there is a long way to try to ‘mimic’ us….! What’s your call on that?

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