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Early talks of building a Tesla factory in Saudia Arabia have emerged, aligning with the KSA's efforts to move away from oil and focus on EV.

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Of the new biographies coming out this year, Elon Musk’s revealed his covert involvement with the world’s most unserious crypto, Dogecoin.

Tesla, lawsuit, China, tech secret infringement, unfair competition, Bingling Intelligent Technology, Xiaomi

Tesla files lawsuit against a Chinese firm over tech secret infringement and unfair competition disputes, Chinese media reported.

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Tesla unveiled a restyled Model 3 with a longer driving range for the China electric vehicle market and other export markets.

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Tesla's federal investigation claims the EV maker exaggerated the potential driving distance of its vehicles, the WSJ reported.

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Two former employees from Tesla were behind a data breach that compromised personal information of more than 75,000 people.

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BMW challenges Tesla as it announces its grand entrance into the EV market with a lineup set to be unveiled on September 2nd.

Indo-US strategic partnership. India, U.S.,

In a milestone joint statement, the U.S. and India have reaffirmed their strong Indo-US strategic partnership.