Data Protection

In this digital age, telecommunication has become an integral part of our lives. People are constantly worried about their data privacy when they access a program or smartphone. Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone using technology, including telecommunication companies. Cybercriminals are developing new and sophisticated methods to breach data security and steal sensitive information as technology […]

Just imagine that you can no longer access your email or use the internet; this is a small glimpse of the cyber-attacks that telecoms are facing nowadays. The continuous involvement of technology in our daily lives makes distributed denial services (DDoS) attacks something forcibly enacted. No one is immune to the security threats which raised […]


Blockchain has already made its mark on the world. The cryptocurrency world has blockchain at its core, moving many industries forward and changing lives. This distributed ledger technology (DLT) might disrupt many carrier fields, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit many others. Blockchain is already finding its way to mainstream appeal, but when will […]

Live blockchains are growing daily at an ever-growing pace. As of our present day, there are more than 10 000 active Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. With such a presence, having the right knowledge base has never been more valuable as this decentralized technology becomes more and more embedded into global establishments. So, what are the pros and cons […]

The Silent Threat of Malicious Code

The internet might be an essential presence in our lives today. The global internet landscape has grown exponentially. This growth has invited cyberattacks and breaches, which have sharply increased over the last few years. Malicious code has been a creeping threat since the dawn of the revolutionary era of the internet. What is malicious code, […]

Cybersecurity in Telecom

One of the main elements that ensure interconnectivity in the world is the telecom industry and the permanent telecommunications solutions given by knights of such industry. The telecommunications sector guarantees an intertwining between private communications and business interactions, making it an integral element of everyone’s day-to-day activities, be it through our smartphone and their connection […]