Data Crossroads

Telecoms companies guard their customer information very carefully, and quite rightly so. Strict data privacy rules, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have reinforced the requirement to have tight controls over how information is stored, governed and used. Often, data is kept not just within the company but sometimes locked within individual departments. The […]

business iot

Everything in this world could be represented by a coin, having a good side and a bad side. And the Internet of Things (IoT) is no different. On one side, life is easier when all our appliances and devices are connected to each other and talking to one another. Conversely, it puts your data at […]

Best Browsers for Privacy and Security

The widespread use of the Internet nowadays results in severe leaks of private information. Security breaches and hacker attacks have become commonplace, and numerous frauds and scams online are our present-day reality. Even if you do not feel endangered or extremely worried about your online security, there are certain factors to take into consideration when […]

Smart Home Applications

The further technology goes, the deeper it sinks into your home. The IoT (Internet of Things) smart home applications automate everything in your house, from lighting to locks. The first proper home automation device, ECHO IV, was invented in 1966 by Westinghouse engineer Jim Sutherland and It was all uphill from there. IoT Smart Home […]

Which Of The Following Statement Is Wrong About Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service, S3, is a cloud object storage service offering world-class services. Data availability, security, and performance. Companies from various scales can use Amazon S3 to store and keep their data safe. Amazon S3 offers management features allowing you to optimize and organize your data. Many myths have been formulated, so which of […]

Cybercrime in Dubai

One of the greatest rates of regional digital adoption may be seen in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), but consequently, has seen a proportional increase of cybercrime in Dubai and the surrounding areas. The World Digital Report 2021 provided information on 43 nations’ web-based lifestyles in 2020, including the UAE. In the past year, UAE […]

Live blockchains are growing daily at an ever-growing pace. As of our present day, there are more than 10 000 active Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. With such a presence, having the right knowledge base has never been more valuable as this decentralized technology becomes more and more embedded into global establishments. So, what are the pros and cons […]

During the past decade, password leaks and data breaches have hit companies, such as Facebook, Equifax, Home Depot, Marriott, Yahoo, Target, and countless others, which requires security of data to be present.      Hackers leaked information and data on at least one of the online accounts. To know which of the accounts was compromised? Search […]