Saudi Arabia’s Lucid Smart Security Car

World Defense Show

A Lucid EV called the “smart security car” equipped with advanced technology to assist the police and civil defense has been unveiled. It was exhibited at the Ministry of Interior’s pavilion at the World Defense Show, organized by the Saudi General Authority for Military Industries. Lucid is a California-based company whose majority shareholder is the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund. It will be as effective in counter terrorism as it will be in criminal detection and traffic law enforcement.


The car is AI-powered; it has a violation detection system that uses cameras and sensors to detect traffic violations, including speeding, running red lights, and those who use mobile phones while driving. Besides that, it’s equipped with facial recognition technology, identifying wanted individuals and/or persons of interest. It can collect data on violations and will communicate with other law enforcement units in real-time through six built-in cameras, collecting data by reading people’s facial expressions.

“All these would contribute to preserving the safety of road users and enhancing the level of traffic safety,” said Col. Mansour Al-Shukra, spokesman of the General Traffic Department.

The car has the ability to analyze data, establishing the behavior of people by reading their faces. Then it will be sent to the control center, increasing the level of security and geographical capacity. For such perilous and intricate situations, the car is equipped with a drone on the roof of the car that can fly and monitor the places where criminal problems occur, aiding big time.

Col. Mansour Al-Shukra, spokesman of the General Traffic Department, said that this vehicle has a drone, which in turn works to fly and photograph places where criminal problems occur. “In the event of the sound of a gunfire, the plane immediately flies and shoot the location and return to its place,” he said citing this as an example.

The car requires further testing and modification, and it’s not clear yet when will it be deployed on a wider scale.

“The vehicle was manufactured in the plant of the Lucid Motors company, which was opened in September 2023 at King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh. The company will begin producing about 5,000 vehicles, gradually reaching their number 150,000,” said Saudi Gazette.

This vehicle supports the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative and Saudi Vision 2030.

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