A Partnership in KSA for the Future

Sustainable Telecom

The Red Sea Global (RSG), a multi-project developer, has entered into a partnership with Zain KSA and the French Serge Ferrari Group, to deliver a new technical, digital, and sustainable telecom experience, optimizing for ideal 5G service at Ummahat Island.

What Is the Big Picture?

The new partnership offers an exceptional 5G communication experience that facilitates tower sharing among all licensed KSA telecom operators, reducing emissions through the use of 100% clean energy, and providing an impeccable artistic view of the island, located between the west coast of Saudi Arabia and the east coast of Africa.

On top of that, it’s the world’s first net-zero energy network with the use of 100% solar power, as the towers are designed in a manner that requires low maintenance and alleviates cooling costs to allow air circulation.

‘As we aspire to be leaders in sustainable development and environmental responsibility around the world, we are well aware that achieving this ambitious goal requires working with partners who share our vision, a common ethical and social commitment, as well as a desire for innovation and uniqueness,’ said Dr. Ahmed Alsohaily, the Group Head of Technology at Red Sea Global.

Red Sea partnered with the epitome of French taste, especially in contemporary art, with the hope of aligning them in the future with some of the most respected French artists, with the aim of the tower being prized across the globe as a telecom masterpiece.

The tower, with its exceptional design, merges with the natural environment, thanks to the materials provided by the Serge Ferrari Group. With this fine taste, nothing can fail.

“Characterised by their unique design, including the use of innovative materials produced by the French Serge Ferrari Group, the towers blend in with the nature of Ummahat Island, ensuring the preservation of the magnificent vistas and the minimal use of land space,” he added.

The 2030-2060 Future Is Green

The green collaboration is in coalition with Saudi Green Initiative and the 2030 Vision to enhance the quality of life. Nothing stops them, the progression of the Red Sea objectives continues to open 50 resorts, up to 8,000 hotel rooms, and more than 1,000 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites.

Besides that, there is the flight operation, all of which will be completed by 2030. “This also aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 goals of improving the quality of life and protecting future generations, as well as curbing carbon emissions by more than 500,000 tons annually by 2030, and achieving zero emissions by 2060,” stated Saudi Press Agency.

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